Somatic Experiencing

Trauma Recovery

Personalised 1:1 Sessions

What is Somatic Experiencing?

Somatic Experiencing (SE) is, simply put, a bio-physiological approach to healing trauma.

SE addresses our primary nervous system functioning. It resolves stuck symptoms of past adverse events that remain in non-cognitive regions of the brain, such as; relational, developmental or shock trauma.

A somatic approach allows us to be more aware and settled in the felt-sense of our physical restrictions and emotional contractions.

Through moment-to-moment awareness of sensations in your body, SE aims to gently re-establish the natural flow of your life energy, supporting the safe release of symptoms and energy from the nervous system. In SE sessions, we release the past experiences of trauma, and restore your body, heart and mind into a relaxed wholeness.

I offer SE sessions, specialising in:

Complex and Developmental Trauma


Sexual abuse and assault

Natural Disasters

Chronic Pain, physical illness & fatigue

Women’s Reproductive Health issues such as invasive medical procedures, operations, miscarriages, stillbirths, terminations and birth trauma.

Depression & anxiety

Motor vehicle accidents

Integration after spiritual crisis, emergency or experience.

I’ve had different kinds of therapy throughout the years but my time with Atira was a true breakthrough which in turn made me feel victorious. I was able to draw back into myself much personal power i feel I lost over the years by either giving that personal power away or having it taken away from me. This gave me a renewed sense of inner strength that I now carry  in my life going forward.”

Roman Osadca, Canada

Atira has the unique skills of somatic intuitive focusing to bring out ones most profound vulnerability within a container of absolute safety. With her guidance I was able to uncover the source of my inner conflicts which even I was unaware and lead me to a place of recognition, acceptance and peace. Her natural unforced compassion and empathy were always present underlying every word, action or touch. I am immensely grateful for the insight and sense of completeness I gained as result of working with her.”

 Howard Sonenklar, Professor of Movement and Theatre, Portugal

Sessions with Me

I am available in person, phone or Skype for Somatic Experiencing sessions, as well as clinical and supervision consultations for art therapists and counsellors. Sessions are usually an hour long, or 90 mins upon request.

As a licensed clinical art therapist and psychotherapist, somatically-based trauma practitioner, coach, meditation & yoga teacher, I customise an integrative approach depending on personal need, that includes a solid training in the psychological, social/cross- cultural, emotional, physiological, religious and developmental issues.

Your Investment


$125 / 60  mins

$170 / 90 mins


 3 x 60 mins sessions = $330

3 x 90 min sessions = $480


6 x 60 mins sessions = $600

 6 x 90 min sessions = $750

I also offer concession rates. Contact me for more information.

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“Perhaps all the dragons in our lives are princesses who are only waiting to see us act, just once, with beauty and courage. Perhaps everything that frightens us is, in its deepest essence, something helpless that wants our love.”

– Rilke

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