Sacred Women’s Yoga & Bellydance Retreat in Thailand

Immerse yourself in a week-long women’s retreat in beautiful Thailand,

blending deep feminine yogic practices with Fusion Bellydance to have you

absolutely glowing and flowing!

Event Details

Pure Flow Yoga, Koh Phagnan, Thailand          June 24th – 30th 2018

Are you ready to re-ignite your inner passions and find a new sensual empowered self within your body and mind?

These two significant practitioners in the feminine arts and spirituality, Atira Tan and LAKITA, come together to weave their passions together to bring you a truly special experience of womanly bliss. 
With over 30 hours of Vinyasa yoga, sacred women’s yoga, fusion bellydancing and choreography, lots of relaxation, including massage and spa time, and even a performance evening, this retreat will be an unforgettable luscious experience!
Lush-out for 7 nights, 6 days, at the gorgeous Pure-Flow-Yoga retreat centre on Koh Phangan, Thailand, with options to stay offsite as well.

 The Syllabus

LAKITA and Atira bring their unique flavor of the feminine sacred arts to this retreat, which will leave you inspired, radiant and connected to your feminine essence! Here is some detailed information about the style of Bellydance, yoga and sacred women’s yoga which we bring to you in this unforgettable experience not to be missed.
Fusion Bellydance
    • Fusion Bellydance is an experimental, modern interpretation of the ancient art form that came through via a collective of women in the Bay Area, San Francisco, that has now spread globally and is maintaining its ever-evolving culture. The dance genre is rooted in Bellydance technique but fuses other styles of dance and influences. LAKITA is well-known for blending both modern and traditional stylisations of Bellydance whilst keeping connected to her roots as a contemporary dancer. She fuses this art form with contemporary music, movement, and fashion, bringing an unmistakable sensual, edgy, empowering experience to her classes, choreographies and performance. This retreat will include Bellydance Drills, Bellydance Choreography & Bellydance Performance.

Sacred Women’s Yoga
    • Sacred Women’s Yoga draws on both Tantric and Taoist practices, somatic psychology, women’s mysteries and sacred circle work to create a fusion which will awaken your feminine essence, and deepen your ability to drop into the sensual intelligence of your body.
    • This sacred practice is specifically designed for a woman’s body and is suitable for any age, stage of life, or level of yoga experience. It encourages a woman to be fully present with her feelings, allows the space for emotions to be expressed, releases stagnant energy in the body, and unlocks higher levels of intuition and instinctual wisdom. This allows a deepening into the sensual pleasure of a woman’s body.
Meditation & Yoga
    • Meditations in the morning will consist of a special blend of pranayama (breath practices) specifically for the womanly body and cycles, as well as feminine meditations from the Taoist and Tantric traditions.
    • Yoga classes in the mornings will be an all-rounded dynamic yoga style which is a blend of hatha yoga, somatics, movement meditation, tantric heart-oriented philosophy, and transpersonal psychology, which invites you into the deepest sense of self and embodiment.


8.30 – 9am
9 – 10.30 am
Yoga Practice
12 – 1.30 pm
1.30 – 4.30 pm
4.30 – 6 pm
Sacred Women’s Yoga
6 – 8 pm
8 – 9 pm

* Please note that all classes & the performance are optional.

Check-in is at 12 pm on the 24th of June, with 4 – 7 pm as our first opening class, followed by a group dinner. Performance night is Friday 29th of June. Check-out is at 12 pm on the 30th of June, with 8.30 – 11.30 pm as our closing class.


Located in Southern Thailand, Koh Phangan, Thailand (Koh means Island in Thai) is considered to be a treasure destination off the beaten path, offering visitors an escape from the stress and fast pace of modern life.  While preserving its abundant jungle, fauna and flora many of its secluded beaches offer an escape from stress and the high-paced modern lifestyle.

Included in your full retreat package is accommodations at Bamboo Huts, in simple Thai style bungalows surrounded by lush, well-tended gardens, with the refreshing ocean, white sand, yoga shala, and multiple eateries just a few minutes away.  A perfect compliment to the minimalist yogi lifestyle, these simple, rustic wooden bungalows have a double bed, small bathroom (no hot water, but trust us – that’s a good thing!), fan, shelving/clothes hanging, and a hammock on the deck so you can relax and take in the paradise vibes. 

Bamboo huts is a one minute walk from the most beautiful white sand beach, where you can lush out in paradise during your breaks. If you would like 4 or 5-star accommodation, we have a list of nearby accommodation options for you to choose from.

Your full retreat package includes:

*7 day, 6 nights accommodation. (Check-in on the 24th at 12 pm, and Check out on the 30th)

*Healthy group vegetarian breakfast served daily.

*Lunch and Dinner at Bamboo Huts.

*1 thai/oil massage with Pam, our amazing massage therapist.

*1 Herbal steam at the Spa.

Sacred Women's Yoga & Bellydance Retreat in Thailand
Sacred Women's Yoga & Bellydance Retreat in Thailand
Sacred Women's Yoga & Bellydance Retreat in Thailand
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Our Social Change Model

“Paying It Forward”

We believe that every girl and woman deserves to determine her future.

As part of our feminine social change model, this women’s retreat “pays it forward” to assist women and girls from Nepal who have experienced sex slavery and exploitation to also receive valuable therapeutic support and education.

$75 from your fee in this retreat will sponsor ONE woman in Nepal to attend the Women’s Life Transformational Program, providing the chance for these girls to live a life free from slavery with our charity partner Art to Healing.
Learn more about Art to Healing

Full Retreat Costs:  

Early Bird before 15th April: AUD $1150.

Full Price before 1st June: AUD $1250

Non-refundable registration deposit: AUD $300

This includes all accommodation & food, massage + herbal steam included and contribution to our “Pay it Forward” social change initiative of supporting 1 woman who has experienced sex slavery in Nepal to receive valuable women’s health education and therapeutic support.

Partial retreat package:  

Early Bird before 15th April: AUD $900.

Full Price before 1st June: AUD $1000

Non-refundable registration deposit: AUD $300

This includes a daily group breakfast, one massage and one herbal steam and contribution to our “Pay it Forward” social change initiative of supporting 1 woman who has experienced sex slavery in Nepal to also receive valuable women’s health education too. No accommodation included.

Payment plans are available. Email to discuss payment options.

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Your Teachers

LAKITABellydance Artist/Teacher
Lakita is an Australian based performance artist and choreographer most well known for her signature style; an ever evolving modern interpretation of Bellydance with an ancient serpentine swag. Fusing this timeless art form with contemporary music, movement and fashion has Lakita seen as an exciting young innovative voice on the scene. Whether leading a room full of dancers or intoxicating a crowd, this dancer will entice and seduce the senses.

Since childhood Lakita has dedicated herself to bringing music to life through her body- to truly becoming the embodiment of music. After many years as a Ballerina and Contemporary dancer, study at WAAPA, theatre and acting, she finally found home with Bellydance for it was an expression that allowed her personality to really flourish.

Read more about LAKITA
ATIRA TANYoga Teacher, Founder Art to Healing
A world traveler and seeker of authenticity, Atira’s 21 years of yoga immersion, and a decade of yoga teaching shines through in her distinct style of teaching. Through the practice of deep listening, alignment and healing, she inspires and empowers students through her infectious exuberance, courage and joy for life, to live an authentic life in peace, joy and purpose, on and off the yoga mat.

Atira has been immersed in various forms of yoga styles, including Classical Hatha, Yin, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Vinyasa Flow. She has over 1000 hours of education in yoga teacher trainings that she has attended all over the world and is certified in Anusara, Yin Yoga, Tigress Yoga and Embodied Flow. She is the Founder and Executive Director of Art to Healing, an Australian registered charity organization assisting sex-trafficked women and children globally.

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And we are super passionate about

healing through Feminine Embodiment!

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& the Ladies of the Lounge

Atira’s Ted X Talk:

Inspired Action from the Heart

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