Are you ready to make a difference in the world, sustained through feminine yogic practices, leadership and spirituality?

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Ericeira, Portugal           1st – 10th June 2019

Would you like to heal your body with ancient yogic wisdom grounded in contemporary feminine spirituality?
Are you interested in deepening your yoga practice and teaching yoga which honours the womanly body, rhythms and cycles?
Are you ready to lead from your heart-womb with an authentic feminine leadership approach?
Or you’re simply ready to prioritise your personal growth in 10 days of nourishing self-care practices, supported by a nurturing community of women and set in the beautiful west coast of Portugal?
If you’re answered yes, then this unique and specialised Yoga Alliance Women’s Yoga Training is for YOU!
Based on the ancient practices of Yoga, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Taoism, Tantra and Shamanism, this training provides a solid foundation in women´s anatomy & physiology, hormonal health, daily and seasonal Ayurvedic practices, holistic nutrition for the woman’s body, energetic Tantric and Taoist practices and feminine leadership for both your personal and professional development.
Our yoga training inspires a grounded and embodied model for you to reconnect with your innate wisdom as a woman, regain sovereignty of the sensual body, develop self-mastery in your thoughts, emotions and habits, as well as creating your own personal and/or social change project based on the core values of feminine empowerment, leadership and holistic business.
“Participating in the Women´s Health Yoga & Leadership Training was a breakthrough for me….I wanted to start my own business in personal development but I felt a bit lost during the process. This training helped me focus on where I wanted to go, who I am and how to stay centred on my path through yoga, good food and meditation.”
Stacey Blume, Entrepreneur & Life Coach, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

 The Curriculum

The curriculum bellow shows the topics that we will explore in the lectures during the course in 3 modules. Complementary to the lectures, your daily yoga practice will weave these themes into your own body and will awake the subtle wisdom and internal dialogue within you.
Module 1:

Awaken your Womanly Body

    • Women’s anatomy, physiology and menstrual cyclical wisdom.
    • Ayurvedic living for women.
    • TCM & 5 Element philosophy
    • Hormonal & reproductive health for vitality and aliveness.
    • Nutrition & nourishment for self-care.
    • Asana, Tantric & Taoist philosophy, pranayama, mudras & meditation.
    • Healing reproductive health issues with yoga, nutrition & spiritual practices.
Module 2

Nurture your Feminine Essence.

    • Womb anatomy, spirituality and healing.
    • Jade Egg Taoist practices.
    • Nurturing and harnessing your ovarian/heart/womb energies for healing and creativity.
    • Tantric philosophy, feminine roles and archetypes
    • Reclaiming your fertility sensual intelligence and sexual sovereignty.
    • Self-care practices designed for the female body, including the Mizan womb massage and other ancient traditional womb care techniques.
    • Somatic Psychology and Trauma-Informed approaches for women.
Module 3

Walk your talk! Lead with passion and purpose

    • Feminine leadership model for social change makers
    • Integration of the womanly way of holistic health, business, leadership and change.
    • Teaching and heartfelt expression from your authentic voice.
    • Communicate with confidence and fearlessness.
    • Mentorship and coaching in creating your dream business/project/life.
    • Holistic Business for Women


7am – 9am
Yoga Practice
9am – 10am
Breakfast Break
12pm – 3pm
Lunch Break
3pm – 5pm
Lectures and Group Sessions
5pm – 5.30pm
Tea Break
5.30pm – 7pm
Yoga Practice & Meditation
7.30pm – 9pm
“Through the experience of this Women’s Yoga Teacher Training,  I could feel my body and mind connection as never before. It has been a very special time for me. I was able to finally express myself and the sensations in my body, and now, I’m able to recognize my dysfunctional patterns and even learnt how to prevent them from arising. I also learned to trust, to love myself and follow my feeling and my dreams. I love the flexibility and the sensitivity of teachers, always ready to catch up what was going on in the group, making adjustments if needed.”
Francesca Cerami, Art Therapist, Rome, Italy.

Why are we passionate about this training?

Our modern society and traditional hatha yoga approaches taught today are primarily based on masculine and patriarchal principles and paradigms. This imbalance of our culture is why many women experience dis-ease, imbalance and disempowerment in their lives. Signs and symptoms of this include the increase in women’s reproductive health issues, hormonal imbalances, depression and anxiety, and exhaustion and fatigue.

The great news is that you can change and heal your life, and build a life that honours a feminine, heart-centred way of Being Woman, and step into a holistic paradigm of embodied and empowered feminine living.

More than another yoga program, this unique course will inspire you to re-connect to your feminine power, re-ignite your passion and purpose, transform your fears and doubts into trust and intuitive wisdom to increase your self-mastery, and support you to embody your inner teacher and leader from a feminine approach of authenticity.


Portugal has been one of the best-kept secrets of Europe for decades. The most southern country of Europe and the doorway to the Atlantic make this small big country unique for their cultural heritage, stunning cliff beaches and delicious culinary flavours. The locals are friendly and laid back, welcoming everyone that comes from abroad to visit.

Picturesquely draped across sandstone cliffs above the blue Atlantic, sunny, whitewashed Ericeira, our location for this yoga teacher training, is popular with lisboêtas seeking a quick weekend getaway. It’s equally renowned for spectacular ocean vistas and excellent seafood restaurants and is also a mecca for surfers, who come here for the great waves and camaraderie. The town’s old centre is clustered around Praça da República, with the sprawl of newer development spreading south and north. Boasting pristine coastline and glorious beaches, Ericeira is also the only natural surf reserve in Europe.

Our venue for our Women’s Yoga Teacher Training is a boutique guesthouse, 5 minutes walk to the beach and the 2 minutes walk to the incredible cliffs of the west coast of Portugal. This location is a very peaceful place, ideal for the work that will do on the training and you have also surfing and hiking just at your doorstep. The studio is overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and surrounded by pristine nature.

In our training, diet plays a fundamental role. All our meals are vegan/vegetarian and 80% of the ingredients are organic. Most of the vegetables are coming directly from the eco-farm we are staying and all the meals are prepared by a qualified macrobiotic chef.

Our Social Change Model

“Paying It Forward”

We believe that every girl and woman deserves to determine her future.

As part of our feminine social change model, this teacher training “pays it forward” to assist women and girls from Nepal who have experienced sex slavery and exploitation to also receive valuable trauma-informed therapeutic support and education.

$150 from your fee in this teacher training will sponsor ONE woman in Nepal to attend the Women’s Life Transformational Program, providing the chance for these girls to live a life free from slavery with our charity partner Art to Healing.
Learn more about Art to Healing

All inclusive costs:

All-Inclusive Costs:

10 Nights Shared Twin Accommodation, 3 Meals a day + Course Fees, manual and your contribution to the Pay forward model to support 1 woman in Nepal

Early Bird before 7th Feb: €1550

Full Price: €1650

10 Nights Single Accommodation, 2 Meals a day + Course Fees, manual and your contribution to the Pay forward model to support 1 woman in Nepal

Early Bird before 7th Feb: €1750

Full Price: €1850

We love social change! Your investment will help to transform the world through our social change initiative of supporting 1 woman who has experienced sex slavery in Nepal to also receive valuable women’s health education too.

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Your Teachers

Sofia Araujo
Sofia AraujoSwara Yoga & Spiral Growth Founder
Sofia is a yoga teacher, therapist, macrobiotic chef and holistic health educator that shares a passion for healthy movement and living. She is trained in the alchemy of the 5 Elements through Yoga, Ayurveda, Macrobiotic Nutrition and Counseling, Ayurvedic Yoga Massage and Chi Nei Tsang (Visceral Massage). She has been practicing yoga for the last 15 years and teaching internationally since 2006. Educated and certified in the styles of Sivananada, Asthanga, Anusara, Advanced Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa, she combines all her knowledge from yoga, bodywork, holistic health and coaching to deliver an integral yoga education in all her trainings and courses.
More about Sofia
Atira Tan
Atira TanArt to Healing & Yoga for Freedom Founder
Atira has been teaching yoga, meditation and art therapy internationally for a decade. Amongst other things, she is the Founder and Executive Director of Art to Healing, a charity organization assisting sex trafficked women and children globally. Over 13 years, Atira has set up numerous yoga, art therapy, women’s health and trauma-informed programs: from the refugee camps in Burma, to the slums of Nepal. Atira is an international speaker, teacher, author, somatic experiencing therapist & facilitator. She is deeply passionate in empowering others to be leaders in social change, serving and loving the world wholeheartedly, courageously & sustainably.
More about Atira

And we are super passionate about social change!

Learn more about our yoga and social change projects.

Interview with Sofia Araujo:

Yoga in Prisons

Atira Tan’s TED X Talk:

Inspired Action from the Heart

We would love for you to join us!

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