Through online workshops, training programs, and immersions, I share my knowledge and passion in trauma-informed education, feminine spirituality & leadership, yoga, and meditation.
I’m offering in-person retreats and trainings again in 2022.

12 – 15 March 2021: Trauma-Informed Plant Medicine Facilitation Online Workshop.

Upskill your understanding of trauma, and learn the best practices to respond effectively as a plant medicine facilitator when it arises before, during and after the ceremonial experience.
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3 – 12 April 2021: 100 Hr Trauma-Informed Yoga Online Teacher Training with Atira Tan, Simone McKay & Guest Teachers.

This Yoga Alliance® certified training will teach you how to teach yoga safely and therapeutically with those suffering from anxiety, depression, grief, PTSD, CPTSD and  unresolved trauma from abuse, and support your students in yoga classes and private clients.
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1 & 2 May 2021: Trauma-Informed Plant Medicine Facilitation: Pre-Ceremony Screening, Assessments, and Preparation.

It is our duty of care and ethical responsibility to uphold safety throughout the entire process of our work with the sacred plant medicines. An important part, which is often overlooked, is the screening and preparation which we will be covering in this module.
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14 – 16 May 2021: Contemporary Bellydance & Women’s Yoga Online Immersion with LAKITA & Atira Tan.

Are you ready to re-ignite your inner passions and find a new sensual empowered self within your body and mind? Join LaKita and Atira Tan in their special online  3 day somatic embodied journey into Contemporary Bellydance and Sacred Feminine Yoga for the woman within.
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29 & 30 May 2020: Trauma-Informed Plant Medicine Facilitation: Post Ceremony care & Somatic Plant Medicine Integration

Learn how to use the somatic approach to support the integration process and understand how you can help participants process trauma memories which can arise, how to respond effectively, and to support the integration fully in body, mind, and in our participants’ lives.
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21st September 2021: 50 Hr Trauma-Informed Yoga Online Teacher Training with Atira Tan & Lorraine Taylor

This Yoga Alliance® certified training just for women will teach the foundations of trauma and an overview of the nervous system, the feminine approach to yoga, and how to be more trauma-informed in your classes so as to create safer spaces for women who have experienced sexual abuse, or trauma.
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1st – 3rd October 2021: Trauma-Informed Somatic Plant Medicine Integration Program with Atira Tan.

Learn how to apply trauma-informed somatic integration for plant medicine in this 3-day online program, and the principles of somatic psychology and trauma-informed modalities that intend to support the process of embodied integration.
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“Perhaps all the dragons in our lives are princesses who are only waiting to see us act, just once, with beauty and courage. Perhaps everything that frightens us is, in its deepest essence, something helpless that wants our love.”

– Rilke

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