Aloha Beautiful Woman!

Welcome to the Sacred Feminine Yoga: Replenishing our Kidneys.

 The kidneys represent our Yin nature and the water element in our bodies. The kidneys are connected to our women’s reproductive organs, so nurturing our kidney energy is essential for the health and vitality of our womanly body.

When our kidney energy is out of balance or depleted, we may feel fatigued, exhausted, unmotivated and unenthusiastic in life. That may be true for many women in our busy lifestyles. The message of our kidneys often is to rest and to dive into our Yin nature. When we take the time to nourish our kidney energy, we start to feel more vital, aware, and relaxed with the flow of Life.

Interestingly, our kidneys govern the way we listen to our innate wisdom and guidance. The kidneys are shaped like our ears; our ears are the instrument for external listening, but the kidneys are about SLOWING DOWN, so that we can turn our inner ears into the wisdom of our emotions, sensations and intuition to make wise decisions in our lives.

So roll your mat out, find your seat…and enjoy!

Journal Questions

If you’re wanting to deepen your connection to your kidneys, journal the following questions after your practice:

1. What arose for me as I felt into my kidneys? Do they feel depleted or vital? Does one feel different from the other?
2. What is my relationship to slowing down, and taking pause? Am I comfortable/uncomfortable with it? If so, how?
3. If your kidneys could give you a message, what would they say?
4. What action do you need to take to nourish your kidneys and your feminine vitality at present?

Thank you beautiful one!

This path of healing the feminine in ourselves and in the world is a courageous path. I am so grateful that I am on the path with so many other like-minded women, such as yourselves!
May you have a blessed day!
“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” – Anais Nin.

Women’s Yoga & Leadership Training

24th October – 2nd November 2020

Ibiza, Spain